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Commitment to Client

Audin Group has arranged commitments for millions of dollars in financing on a broad range of projects.  We have consummated repeat business with our charter clientele and are continually adding to our sources of new business. Additionally, our largest sources of referral business are current clients and lenders. We feel this says something about the success we have experienced thus far and are confident that Audin Group can work to meet the unique needs of your organization.

Commitment to Marketplace

Audin Group maintains strong relationships with lenders. We consistently monitor the types of financing our lenders seek and they know Audin Group will present quality investment opportunities in a thoroughly underwritten, clean and concise manner. This mode of presentation, tailored to the needs of each lender, allows for quick analysis and turnaround. It minimizes waiting time for the borrower and wasted time for the lender


The arrangement of debt financing is not a science. The ability to successfully negotiate and close a loan is not written in a book, checked from a list or learned at a seminar. It requires experience, technical knowledge of deal structures, and the understanding and anticipation of both borrower and lender needs. Audin Group has integrated into these disciplines the constant monitoring of a dynamic marketplace affected by interest rate, economic conditions and changing underwriting criteria. 


The Audin Group standard is the building and maintaining of strong business relationships. Each of our clients has specific needs and goals, and our structuring of the best possible financing to meet these criteria is our continuing dedication. Our clients know we work with them—not just for them. This subtle difference encompasses hard work, experience and knowledge, and ultimately maximizes the benefit and value of the relationship to both Audin Group and its client.